The bedrooms are named after whichever farm can be seen through each window. 'The Notts' with its fabulous black and white bathroom, faces South East and looks to St. John the Bapstists, Grendon Manor's tiny church. There is a rumour that a secret passage runs from the manor to the church, Massie spent his childhood trying to find it and his children continue the search.


The single bathroom of the thirties has long gone and now there are four individual bathrooms, chosen by Jane, who had a great time at The Bath and Beyond in Hereford. She said, " It was wonderful being able to choose different showers, baths and fittings, rather than being limited to one, there were so many amazing styles.

As all the bathrooms were to be en suite, it was important to make the most of the space available. To get round the uneven floor problems, the bathrooms were given raised floors. It was difficult to find old oak flooring, apparently American buyers, keen to get their hands on some character, snap it up. So Jane sought the help of Floorstyles in Leominster, who suggested Karndean. This customised vinyl flooring is virtually indistinguishable from wood but is waterproof, combining style with practicality.


All rooms are £60 per. person per. night and includes a full english breakfast.

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